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Why is it so hard to help employees build new personal habits to improve their soft skills?

Distorted Thoughts

Lack of awareness about the need for personal change

Many employees and managers are not aware of the importance of building better personal habits to be happier and more successful in their job.

Threat Other Lack Of Competence

Lack of knowledge to build new habits

Employees are currently not given all the keys to build new personal habits. They need a better understanding of their subconscious and cognitive mechanisms to change their attitude and behaviour.

Monitoring Slow Or No Progress

Lack of implementation and monitoring

Employees forget 90% of what they learned within the first month (or even week)!* Employees fail to adopt new habits because they do not implement the tactics over and over again.

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Why do we succeed in helping employees improve their personal skills when others fail?

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Personal coaching to trigger a wish for change

Thanks to an intuitive Chatbot, ELLISTRA raises employees self-awareness and sense of responsibility. She helps them understand what prevents them from being happier and more successful in their job and what they could concretely do to have more "good days" at work.

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Innovative, powerful and sticky content

Thanks to easy-to-grasp metaphors, ELLISTRA makes the power of neuroscience accessible to all so that employees have the proper knowledge to build new personal habits. Our catchy illustrations ease the memorisation process.

ellistra app monitoring

Repetition and continuous monitoring

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, ELLISTRA provides unlimited motivational support to entice employees to implement the tactics, monitor and celebrate their progress continuously.

ELLISTRA covers a large scope of soft skills with 30 coaching topics revealing more than 500 tactics.

ELLISTRA helps employees better understand and manage their emotions, be more productive, communicate in a more compelling way, be greater team players, improve their leadership skills, be healthier and more motivated.

Be more flexible


Sail Through Setbacks

Resilience and stress management

Inject energy


Be more productive


Solve problems faster




Solve disagreements and conflicts

Conflict Management

Bring The BEst Of Others

People Management

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Zero worry

We guarantee the strict protection of employees' personal data. The data we share to HR teams is aggregated and anonymous.


Zero effort

No extra work for HR teams. We just need the number of employees and they can start immediately.

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Our monthly subscription fee represents only a fraction of companies' employee engagement and development budget!

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