Put a personal coach in your employees' pockets!

ELLISTRA helps your employees unleash their full potential thanks to the power of neuroscience.

Little monster

How does it work?


Employees chat with ELLISTRA to understand what is happening in their brain and why their behaviour is not always optimal.


Employees learn how to build new personal habits thanks to innovative and easy-to-implement strategies.


Employees monitor and celebrate their progress continuously on all the challenges they face.

Our Conviction

The key to employees' happiness and success lies in their ability to develop their personal and interpersonal skills.

Interaction body language

Why is it so hard to develop employees' personal and interpersonal skills?

Distorted Thoughts

Lack of awareness

Many employees and managers are not aware of the need to develop their soft skills to be happier and more successful in their job.

Threat Other Lack Of Competence

Incapacity to change

Employees don't have the proper keys to be able to change their attitude and build new personal habits. Telling them what they should do is not enough!

There is an opportunity!

The power of neuroscience remains untapped in the workplace!

Theory secret sauce

We're not always at our best because our subconscious and automatic brain influences our behaviour in a way that does not always serve our best interests. It is the one telling us: This task is annoying. Let´s put it off!

We make a part of neuroscience accessible to all with two main ingredients:

Solution Trick My Monster

Funny cartoons to illustrate abstract concepts

We have created hundreds of easy-to-grasp metaphors and delightful illustrations to help each individual understand and apply complex scientific concepts.

Coaching Session

A digital personalised coaching experience

We use the power of artificial intelligence to offer an intuitive and engaging coaching experience to each individual 24/7.


Theory secret sauce

Catch the opportunity to unleash your employees' full potential thanks to the power of neuroscience!