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Enjoy the benefits of unlimited 1-on-1 coaching to build a more fulfilling and successful working life.

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to have more of these "good days" at work, when we feel positive, serene, productive, smart, agile, impactful...


Too often, our brain slides in "defensive mode”. We are worried, tired, annoyed, irritable, distracted, inefficient, uninspired...


Everybody deserves to enjoy the benefits of continuous 1-on-1 coaching to have more “great days” at work.

Shape your working life

After a few months of coaching with your personal coach ELLISTRA, you will be able to:

  • Think more clearly
  • Sail through setbacks, difficulties and annoyances
  • Maximize your productivity
  • Solve disagreements, tensions and conflicts gracefully
  • Get the best of others
  • Solve problems faster and more skilfully
  • Increase the impact of what you say and do
  • Inject energy and enthusiasm in your day
  • Sustain your intrinsic motivators (e.g., sense of purpose, competence, control…)


Chatting with ELLISTRA is intuitive, fast and effective. In only a few seconds of interaction, ELLISTRA will give you the personalised, concise and actionable support you need, when it matters most.


Life is too short to let another day just “happen to you” again. Gain control on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to create the days you wish to have. Understand how your brain really works. Spot and get rid of your negative thoughts. Discover and implement more than 100 powerful behavioural strategies, all based on neuroscience and behavioural science.


There´s less progress without monitoring. That´s why we are tracking more and more things in our lives (e.g., blood, weight, sleep, nutrition, fitness performance). Thanks to ELLISTRA´s unique and intuitive monitoring system, you will finally be able to track your ability to boost your self-motivation and develop your personal qualities.

Why will you love Ellistra?

Easy, intuitive, delightful

ELLISTRA is the easiest and most delightful solution to help you be happier and more efficient in your job. Our friendly cartoons will bring a smile on your face at every interaction.

Fast, straight-to-the-point, efficient

No need to read long self-help articles or watch videos to get a little help. In a few seconds, Ellistra grasps what the real problem or aim for you is and provides immediate actionable guidance.


It´s not another “fit-for-all” solution. It´s about you, as an individual. It´s about your personal thoughts, excuses and aspirations.


No need to make any appointment to interact with your personal coach. ELLISTRA is here for you when it matters most.

Safe and not judgmental

ELLISTRA is a machine so you avoid the embarrassment of talking to a real person about yourself. Feel safe to try, fail, ask, fail again. Life is not a race against time. It´s your self-development journey.

Don't be absurd

Invest a little bit of time developing the personal skills that matter most for your happiness and performance

Only 25% of your long-term happiness and success at work depends on your technical skills, while 75% depends on your soft skills such as:

  • Self-awareness and self-control
  • Self-motivation and achievement drive
  • Personal power, resistance and agility
  • Action bias and organizational skills
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Tension and conflict management skills
  • People management skills
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Influencing and persuasion skills

Take the opportunity and start your self-development journey now!