Unleash your employees' full potential thanks to the power of neuroscience.

Theory secret sauce

ELLISTRA is a digital coach that helps employees and managers develop their personal and interpersonal skills to be happier and more successful in their job.

Put a personal coach in your employees' pockets!

Improving people's personal and interpersonal skills is hard.

Distorted Thoughts

Reluctance to change

Many employees and managers are not willing to change their attitude and personal habits to be happier and more successful in their job.

Threat Other Lack Of Competence

Incapacity to change

Many employees and managers don't know how to improve their attitude and personal habits.

There is an opportunity!

For the first time, we make the power of neuroscience accessible to all.

Theory secret sauce

Our secret sauce:

Solution Trick My Monster

Funny cartoons to illustrate abstract concepts.

We have created hundreds of easy-to-grasp metaphors and delightful illustrations to help each individual understand and apply complex scientific concepts.

Coaching Session

A personalised coaching experience.

We use the power of artificial intelligence to offer an intuitive and engaging coaching experience to each individual.


Theory secret sauce

A unique personal on-the-job coach, expert in neuroscience, that helps employees and managers build new personal habits.

How does it work?


Understand what is happening in your brain and why you are not always in control of your attitude and behaviour.


Learn how to tame your subconscious Little Monster thanks to hundreds of habit-building cards.


Monitor and celebrate your progress!