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ELLISTRA is the most effective way to help employees develop their soft skills thanks to the power of neuroscience.
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Happier employees with better soft skills create greater value.

  • 85% of employees' success depends on the quality of their soft skills while only 15% is due to their technical knowledge.

  • Great training and coaching practices can increase employees' performance by 20%.

  • Every 1% increase in employee engagement delivers up to 0.6% increase in revenue.

  • Engaged employees call in sick 37% less and are 30% more productive.

  • Companies with high engagement rates have 58% less fluctuation costs.

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Why is it so hard to help employees build new personal habits to improve their soft skills?

Distorted Thoughts

Lack of awareness about the need for personal change

Many employees and managers are not aware of the importance of building better personal habits to be happier and more successful in their job.

Threat Other Lack Of Competence

Lack of knowledge to build new habits

Telling employees what they should do is not enough! Employees are currently not given the proper keys to build new personal habits. They don't know how to harness the power of neuroscience and tame their subconscious 'Little Monster'.

Monitoring Slow Or No Progress

Lack of implementation and monitoring

People forget 90% of what they learned within the first month!* Employees fail to adopt new habits because the existing solutions do not allow them to practice and celebrate their progress on a regular basis.

Say hi to ELLISTRA!

For companies, we offer ELLISTRA, a happiness and performance coach expert in neuroscience, that helps employees and managers develop their soft skills, so that they can create more value everyday.

Why do we succeed to help employees improve their personal skills when others fail?

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Personal coaching 24/7 to trigger a wish for change

Thanks to an intuitive Chatbot, ELLISTRA raises employees' awareness. She helps them understand WHY they are not always in control of their behaviour and WHY they would benefit from building better habits.

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Educative and sticky content

Thanks to easy-to-grasp metaphors, ELLISTRA makes the power of cognitive sciences accessible to all. She provides employees with the proper knowledge to build new personal habits. Plus, our delightful illustrations ease the memorisation process.

ellistra app monitoring

Repetition and continuous monitoring

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, ELLISTRA provides unlimited motivational support to entice employees to implement the tactics and celebrate their progress continuously.

ELLISTRA covers a large scope of soft skills:

Be more flexible


Sail Through Setbacks

Resilience and stress management

Inject energy


Be more productive


Solve problems faster

Problem-solving and decision-making



Solve disagreements and conflicts

Conflict Management

Bring The BEst Of Others

People Management

A no regret move!


Zero worry

We guarantee the strict protection of employees' data by giving them an anonymous access to the App.


Zero effort

No extra work for HR teams. We just need the number of employees and they can start immediately.

Low cost high value

Don't break the piggy bank!

Our monthly subscription fee represents only a fraction of companies' employee engagement and development budget!

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