ELLISTRA develops your employees' soft skills continuously to help them be happier and more successful in their job.

Ellistra app

After a few months of coaching, your employees will…

Inject energy

Be physically and mentally healthier.

Be more productive

Be more productive.

Be more flexible

Be more flexible in front of changes and annoyances.

Solve problems faster

Solve problems faster and make wiser decisions.


Communicate in a more compelling way.

Improve their working relationships

Improve their working relationships.

Develop coaching skills

Bring the best out of others by developing their coaching skills.

Solve disagreements and conflicts

Solve disagreements and conflicts more easily.

Why will your employees love ELLISTRA?

Learning Graduated

New, intriguing and educative.

For the 1st time, employees learn the basics about their brain’s functioning and why they (and others) react and behave in a certain way.

Sense of safety

Non-judgemental and safe.

Since ELLISTRA is a machine, employees avoid the embarrassment of talking about themselves to a real coach. Plus, their data is anonymous and strictly protected.

User answer cool

Convenient, personalised and delightful.

Employees can enjoy the benefits of a refreshing 1-on-1 coaching session whenever and wherever they want.

Reward Sense Of Accomplishment

Fast and effective.

With ELLISTRA in their pockets, employees do no longer need to read long self-help books or watch online videos. They get what they really need in a matter of seconds.

Maximise your Employee Life Time Value (ELTV).*

ELLISTRA helps your employees and managers deliver a maximum of value everyday and for a longer time.

Interaction Body Language

* Source: How to understand the ROI of investing in People

1) People development

Great training and coaching practices can increase employees’ performance by 20% in one year*. With ELLISTRA, you develop your people’s soft skills continuously.

2) Corporate culture

Every 1% increase in employee engagement delivers up to 0.6% increase in revenue*. With ELLISTRA, you boost your people’s well-being and motivation continuously.

3) Hiring

A better hire can outperform a peer by 20%*. With ELLISTRA, you take one more step towards building a “top employer” image. Plus, you offer your candidates a 1st-of-its-kind perk.

How do we guarantee a high ROI?

Monitoring Significant Progress

Monitoring of the employees’ engagement in real time:

For each team, we monitor the amount of time spent on the App, the number of messages exchanged with ELLISTRA and the number of cards read per category (e.g., productivity, stress management).

Communication Use Visuals

Monitoring of the actual impact of ELLISTRA on employees’ behaviours:

The employees themselves evaluate the impact of the coaching on their well-being and performance. With this tracking system, we are able to guarantee an objective tracking of the ROI.


Number of points rewarded per team and per category

rewards team
points team

Be part of the HR digital transformation!

Surf on the self-development trend

Surf on the self-development trend.

Communication same page

Get everyone on board for a unique journey towards a greater workplace.

Digital era

Embrace change and succeed in the new digital era.

top employer

Build a top employer image.

A no regret move!


Zero worry

We guarantee the strict protection of your employees’ data by giving them an anonymous access to the App.


Zero effort

No extra work. We just need the number of employees and you can start tomorrow!

Low cost high value

Don’t break the piggy bank!

Our monthly subscription fee represents only a fraction of your employee engagement and development budget!