Our team

Nellie Garcia

Nellie Garcia: Co-founder and CEO

Education: Master’s degree in Business Management from EDHEC Business School and Master’s degree in International Business from Florida International University.

I worked in four different countries, mostly in large companies in the purchasing and audit sectors. I also worked for techstars METRO accelerator in Berlin.

However diverse and enriching these experiences were, I have not always been completely fulfilled in my job. I used to struggle to find meaning in what I was doing, to deal with people having a dysfunctional behaviour and to maximise my impact.

That’s why I imagined a self-development tool that could help me, my colleagues, my friends and other employees have more "good days" at work, regardless of the circumstances.

For 4 years now, I have been developing my expertise in the topics of employee engagement, soft skills development and neuroscience. I am also a certified coach in Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Amandine Faye

Amandine Faye: Co-founder

Education: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Strategy, Organization and Consultancy from EDHEC Business School.

I had the opportunity to work in different working environments in several countries. I started working in large companies in the automobile and insurance industries. Later on, I joined a fast-growing e-commerce start-up and then a social start-up in Berlin.

Wherever I worked, I was amazed to see the amount of people who either lacked motivation, were stressed, had communication problems or struggled to find meaning in their job. And I was part of them!

Unfortunately, we weren’t offered any concrete solution to help us overcome our day-to-day challenges more easily.

One day, I had dinner with Nellie in Berlin and I fell in love with Ellistra.

When I tried out the App, I found it attractive, intuitive and funny. I realised the potential of helping people understand how their brain works and why they act and behave in a certain way.

I told myself “I wish I could have used Ellistra before!”

Now that I have joined the team, I will do my best to contribute to helping Ellistra improve the working life of many people.


Jean-Baptiste Molle: CTO & App Developer

Education: Engineer’s degree from Arts et Métiers Paris Tech and MSc Management and Strategy from the London School of Economics.

I co-founded the Vescape company in 2011 in Berlin. VESCAPE is a stationary bike app that makes workouts fun and challenging.

I have been developing the whole technology and software architecture including the programming of the app, the backend system and the server communication.

I am passionate about software development and I developed several mobile applications on Android and iOS.

I met Nellie at an event organised by La French Tech in Summer 2016.

We immediately connected and agreed on working together to make Nellie’s idea a reality.

I am excited to see how ELLISTRA can contribute to helping employees feel better in their jobs!


Jerome Feys: Online Marketing

Education: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Management from ESCP Europe and Master of Science in Economics from the Humboldt University Berlin.

I co-founded the Vescape company in 2011 in Berlin. Vescape helps people who working out at home have more fun and stay motivated. This is a mobile app that connects to a stationary bike or an elliptical and offers workout routines and games.

I've been helping startups and companies with their App Store Optimization and content marketing strategy.

when I met Nellie at an event of the French Tech, I immediately liked the concept of Ellistra and we decided to work together.

I have been involved in many startups and have seen that the most difficult skill to master was one's own psychology. That's why I believe that Ellistra could really help employees dramatically improve their skills and productivity while enjoying their work more.

Our Strategic Board Members

Frédéric Pech

Frédéric Pech

17-year experience as an HR Director.

Ex International HR Director at Wright Medical.

Francis Héritier

Francis Heritier

35-year experience in Change Management.

Ex Change Management Director at Merck.

Christoph Räthke

Christoph Räthke

Founder of Berlin's accelerator program Berlin Startup Academy.

Run Entrepreneurship Education at GTEC, Germany's leading campus for digitalization.

Our Partners

French Tech Berlin

Our vision

Wherever they work and regardless of the external circumstances, employees will be able to drive their own happiness and success at work by harnessing the power of neuroscience.

They will be able to:

Optimise the quality of their working relationships.

Bring the best out of each other.

Handle change and difficulties with resilience and flexibility.

Maximise the impact of their words and actions.

Find meaning and pleasure in what they do.

Build their self-esteem.