Terms and Conditions of ELLISTRA

Subject to user's /tester's compliance with the terms and conditions of ELLISTRA, ELLISTRA grants user/tester, within the scope of applicable intellectual property rights, the personal and non-transferable rights to use, for the duration of testing ELLISTRA application in the relevant territory, for its own use and only for the term of using ELLISTRA application for test purposes. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

User/tester undertakes not to adapt, translate, arrange, alter, modify, reverse- engineering, disassemble or de-compile ELLISTRA application for any purpose. In the event user/tester shall have to ensure interoperability of the ELLISTRA application with the environment defined by the Parties, as and when restrictively permitted by the governing law, user/tester shall

(i) request ELLISTRA to provide information to enable such interoperability with user's/ tester's environment and if necessary to ensure such interoperability, and

(ii) request ELLISTRA to make any necessary modification of the ELLISTRA application to enable such interoperability.